Monthly Archives: July 2018

003 : Bald Is Beautiful

It’s so damn hot out!!! This week’s episode is all over the place as it is supposed to be. We cover biting fish, shower beers and bath wine, Bryan’s Coke (soda) habit,  and Jennifer Aniston. She leads us to a laminated list discussion that brings up all sorts of names and opinions. You might be surprised who’s list Joe Rogan is on, or maybe not. We even tackle the age old debate on whether or not a hot dog is a sandwich. It gets a bit heated. Don’t skip leg day people, it’s important.

002 : Are You Too Good For Your Home?

We got picked up for a whole season!!! Not really, we have no idea how long this will last. As long as we are having fun, we keep putting out content. What came up this week? A little bit of everything from movies, to favorite comedians, SNL, some actors we miss, a little bit of Star Wars as always, and Andrew possesses a very strange but impressive skill. We covered way too much to list here, and we draw from the Bucket O’Randomness to cap it all off. As we hoped, the 2nd episode is better than the 1st, and we hope that trend continues.

001 : The Pilot Episode

The maiden voyage of the podcast about nothing. Featuring Chelsea as our special guest. What comes up? The 4th of July, some of our favorite TV shows, Harry Potter, a little Star Wars, and so much more. Plus, the “Bucket O’Randomness” makes its first appearance.

You might like it, you might not. We think our random conversations can be entertaining, and we hope you end up feeling the same way. Each episode will feature a special guest who will bring their unique perspective on life to our conversations. We want to be light, funny, and mostly entertaining by letting you into our lives and our random thoughts about every day subjects. No script, no plan, no structure. Welcome to The No Subject Podcast.