Monthly Archives: October 2018

008 : This is Not A Dating Show! ft. Dean Giles

Dean Giles from the PodScure podcast joins Bryan, Andrew, and Chelsea for a fun filled episode. 90’s music takes center stage to start along with plenty of Letterkenny references. They also cover the Dirty Taco Club, 80’s hair bands, everyone’s nerdom, Dr. Who, some pretty heated coffee talk (see what we did there?), vaping, greasy bacon, hole in the wall, Dean’s laminated list, accents, comedians, haggis, ramen, toilet paper, and karaoke…along with so much more!

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Pitter Patter, let’s get at ‘er!

007 : I Will Not Be Present, ft. Sunshine

October is here and with that comes some ghost stories and some creepy tales. Sunshine joins us for the first time and shares with us some of her favorites. She is after all, one that regularly has creepy movie nights and even invents drinking games to accompany them. Bryan has a story too, and the whole crew is bothered and uncomfortable for most of the episode. That’s not all we hit on though. From bikes, to the Matrix, to depression food, plus much, much more. We think we found the most excited person ever when it comes to Halloween. See if you agree.

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006 : Are You Trying to Get Me Murdered?

The whole gang is back together and we hear about Andrew’s trip to DC a lot throughout the show. No official guest this week, but we are surprised towards the end when Carlee and Ian show are sent over from the bar and they make the last 20 minutes ridiculous fun. We discuss the ocean, how wet water is, killer bottlenose dolphins, killer manatees, humidity, top ramen, Swedish fish, ancient technology, joint Facebook accounts, whatever happened to Will Ferrell, apples and cheese, peanut butter, mice, classy rats, murder, a little game of guess my age and of course a trip to the Bucket O’Randomness to cap it all off. Enjoy.

If you are ever in Wenatchee, WA, be sure to check out the Sidecar Lounge to satisfy your thirst. Offering the best craft cocktails in Central Washington paired with delicious small plate eats. We have a drink there after every single show…sometimes two.

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