012 : And We’re Back! ft. Skylar Hansford

Skylar returns for more sex talk to prep for her future, yet to be named, podcast. We discuss fetishes, fantasies, robots, sex education and more. On top of that, we do our normal thing bouncing all over the place between Dane Cook, Luke Skywalker being a whiny bitch, popcorn, the rudest animals, and the age old debate of whether Kylo Ren has a belly button or not. Way too many topics to list in our return from a little break. We love having Skylar on to tackle the sex subject. Listen and learn something.

011 : This Ever Happen To You Guys?

Vada returns, even without David Spade for a fun filled eleventh episode! We recap Thanksgiving as well as talk about a variety of things including; grocery store crop dusting, body odor, parent shaming, knowing your coworkers favorite position, Christmas movies, the dating game, Ancestry, roadkill, Christmas cookies, advent calendars, cooked vegetables, Christmas songs, Queen, seeing movies by yourself, about 8 “That’s What She Saids,” and so much more including a trip to the Bucket O’Randomness!

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010 : Garlic Mashed Potatoes

The big day arrived, and the Chicken Fucker himself, Kevin Souzasaurus Rex joined the gang to talk about nothing. Drinks were shared, and not much got accomplished. That only makes the episode more entertaining. From finding out who the Souzasaurus is, to various discussions around sex, guns, and more random crap. This may not be the episode for everyone, yet we believe that everyone should listen. Once you have, you can join the #BlameSouza movement. There is no one in the world quite like the Souzasaurus, listen and find out what we mean.

009 : I Don’t Like Nuts In My Chocolate!

We think we are ok, and we appreciate you not turning us off. The “podcast about nothing” covers a lot of ground in Episode 9. Some of the topics include; Freddie Mercury, music biopics, Batman, Joker, Letterkenny, movie franchises, power naps, Kevin Smith, skinny Jonah Hill, GO VOTE!, Halloween, Christmas music, Thanksgiving, favorite candy, the parent tax, some Bucket O’Randomness action, and much, much more! Feel like you’re just sitting with some friends talking about whatever pops into our heads. We are meant to be an escape from every day life, and make you feel like we are a just an normal part of your life. We aren’t celebrities, we are just normal people from a small town in Washington state. Join us for some fun will you? In the end, at least we think we’re funny. #FERDA

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008 : This is Not A Dating Show! ft. Dean Giles

Dean Giles from the PodScure podcast joins Bryan, Andrew, and Chelsea for a fun filled episode. 90’s music takes center stage to start along with plenty of Letterkenny references. They also cover the Dirty Taco Club, 80’s hair bands, everyone’s nerdom, Dr. Who, some pretty heated coffee talk (see what we did there?), vaping, greasy bacon, hole in the wall, Dean’s laminated list, accents, comedians, haggis, ramen, toilet paper, and karaoke…along with so much more!

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Pitter Patter, let’s get at ‘er!

007 : I Will Not Be Present, ft. Sunshine

October is here and with that comes some ghost stories and some creepy tales. Sunshine joins us for the first time and shares with us some of her favorites. She is after all, one that regularly has creepy movie nights and even invents drinking games to accompany them. Bryan has a story too, and the whole crew is bothered and uncomfortable for most of the episode. That’s not all we hit on though. From bikes, to the Matrix, to depression food, plus much, much more. We think we found the most excited person ever when it comes to Halloween. See if you agree.

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006 : Are You Trying to Get Me Murdered?

The whole gang is back together and we hear about Andrew’s trip to DC a lot throughout the show. No official guest this week, but we are surprised towards the end when Carlee and Ian show are sent over from the bar and they make the last 20 minutes ridiculous fun. We discuss the ocean, how wet water is, killer bottlenose dolphins, killer manatees, humidity, top ramen, Swedish fish, ancient technology, joint Facebook accounts, whatever happened to Will Ferrell, apples and cheese, peanut butter, mice, classy rats, murder, a little game of guess my age and of course a trip to the Bucket O’Randomness to cap it all off. Enjoy.

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005 : Sex, Drugs, & Birkenstocks ft. Skylar Hansford

A little outside the box for even us, but this episode is loaded with fun and great information on subjects some are uncomfortable talking about. With Burlesque performer, Skylar Hansford, we talk the usual laminated lists, and continue the never ending debate over hot dogs as sandwiches. We also take a deep dive into the burlesque world, BDSM world, and other topics that take this podcast to a place it’s never gone before. Amongst all that are bad dad jokes, socks with sandals, piles of leaves, cats are assholes, David Spade…again, cheese vs. coffee, country music, #BoobsOut, weird couples, sex education, a trip to the Bucket O’Randomness, and so much more.

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004 : Three Hours In The Snow, ft. Vada Morrison

We. Are. Back. After the extended absence, Bryan, Andrew, and Chelsea return with a special guest to discuss but not limited to, the following topics….

Awkward Yoda stares, we miss vines, blame Twitter, Superman sucks, don’t be shitty, pumpkin spice bullshit, Hulk porn, river butt, who let the dogs out, fried taters and chicken, an amazing Bert Kreischer story, Elon Musk, Daximus, plenty of holes, laminated lists, David Spade, top or bottom, fat or skinny Jonah Hill, way too much Twilight, pulling out doesn’t work, loud noises, and so, so, so, so much more. Way to many things to list, but we did cap it off with some Bucket O’Randomness. LOADED EPISODE ABOUT NOTHING! Are we actually funny? We like to think so at least. Enjoy!

003 : Bald Is Beautiful

It’s so damn hot out!!! This week’s episode is all over the place as it is supposed to be. We cover biting fish, shower beers and bath wine, Bryan’s Coke (soda) habit,  and Jennifer Aniston. She leads us to a laminated list discussion that brings up all sorts of names and opinions. You might be surprised who’s list Joe Rogan is on, or maybe not. We even tackle the age old debate on whether or not a hot dog is a sandwich. It gets a bit heated. Don’t skip leg day people, it’s important.