Monthly Archives: January 2019

013 : Pitter Patter! ft. Dean Giles

Lucky episode number 13! The one and only Dean Giles from PodScure and the How Are Ya Now Podcast returns for more nothing. We attack replacing actors in key roles, traveling to Scotland, Fart Humor, DNA results, Vines, mind worms, book series, book adaptations, a little Harry Potter, and a little Narnia…plus SO MUCH MORE!!!

Check out Dean’s work on the PodScure podcast and the How Are Ya Now Podcast. Both shows have new episodes regularly and we love what he does. Please support him by subscribing, downloading, and reviewing!

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012 : And We’re Back! ft. Skylar Hansford

Skylar returns for more sex talk to prep for her future, yet to be named, podcast. We discuss fetishes, fantasies, robots, sex education and more. On top of that, we do our normal thing bouncing all over the place between Dane Cook, Luke Skywalker being a whiny bitch, popcorn, the rudest animals, and the age old debate of whether Kylo Ren has a belly button or not. Way too many topics to list in our return from a little break. We love having Skylar on to tackle the sex subject. Listen and learn something.