Monthly Archives: November 2018

009 : I Don’t Like Nuts In My Chocolate!

We think we are ok, and we appreciate you not turning us off. The “podcast about nothing” covers a lot of ground in Episode 9. Some of the topics include; Freddie Mercury, music biopics, Batman, Joker, Letterkenny, movie franchises, power naps, Kevin Smith, skinny Jonah Hill, GO VOTE!, Halloween, Christmas music, Thanksgiving, favorite candy, the parent tax, some Bucket O’Randomness action, and much, much more! Feel like you’re just sitting with some friends talking about whatever pops into our heads. We are meant to be an escape from every day life, and make you feel like we are a just an normal part of your life. We aren’t celebrities, we are just normal people from a small town in Washington state. Join us for some fun will you? In the end, at least we think we’re funny. #FERDA

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