004 : Three Hours In The Snow, ft. Vada Morrison

We. Are. Back. After the extended absence, Bryan, Andrew, and Chelsea return with a special guest to discuss but not limited to, the following topics….

Awkward Yoda stares, we miss vines, blame Twitter, Superman sucks, don’t be shitty, pumpkin spice bullshit, Hulk porn, river butt, who let the dogs out, fried taters and chicken, an amazing Bert Kreischer story, Elon Musk, Daximus, plenty of holes, laminated lists, David Spade, top or bottom, fat or skinny Jonah Hill, way too much Twilight, pulling out doesn’t work, loud noises, and so, so, so, so much more. Way to many things to list, but we did cap it off with some Bucket O’Randomness. LOADED EPISODE ABOUT NOTHING! Are we actually funny? We like to think so at least. Enjoy!

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